Influencers I’m Thankful For

Influencers I’m Thankful For

Happy Thanksgiving, y’all! This week I want to share some of my favorite YouTubers and influencers that have helped me grow in my sustainability journey as well as my curl journey. (Also, it is not lost on me that the “Eco Gurus” I like are all white, while the “Curl Experts” are all Black. Such is the world we live in ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

Sustainable Curlies

These women are the creme-de-la-creme, the ones I go to for my zero waste curly hair needs. Although none of them have quite the same curl type as me (which is why I started this blog!), I get a lot of ideas from them that have helped me create a lower waste curl routine.

1. Sundaie Living with Taty Sapp

Taty is the person most like me on this list, in terms of curls. Her YouTube and IG (@sundaieliving) focus on sustainability and overall wellness, while also amplifying the voices of other BIPOC sustainability influencers.

2. Zero Waste Curls (Miriam)

Her YouTube name says it all, right? Miriam makes awesome videos about how she takes care of her beautiful, long curly hair using sustainable products and practices. She cranks out high-quality content every single week, which is super impressive for a high schooler!

3. Penny Tovar

Penny is the most “mainstream” of the women in this section. She hasn’t always been the most sustainable, but I think it’s awesome that she’s using her big platform to push for more sustainable options, like Ethique!

4. The Sustainable Curly (Kailene)

Kailene’s account @thesustainablecurly on Instagram is one of the first I found and followed when I began my blog. Though her flaxseed gel and other sustainable goodies are only available in the Edmonton area, her beautiful IG is full of useful tips for curls, home decor, and budgeting – three things I love to learn about!

Eco Gurus

These are my favorite sustainability, eco-friendly, intentional, low-impact, zero waste content creators. They’re great for pretty much all aspects of life, except hair 🙂

1. Sedona Christina (Christie)

Although she’s recently announced that she’s taking a step back from the zero waste community, Christie still makes great sustainability content. Lately, I’ve been enjoying her podcast, Intentional with Sedona Christina and Tay, when I want something less serious to listen to. She does have curly-ish hair, but it’s so different from my own that she’s not someone I turn to for curl advice.

2. Sustainably Vegan (Immy)

Immy makes beautiful, cozy-core, sustainable living content, including ethical fashion, low waste food, and green beauty reviews, as well as motivational/habit setting content which is also super helpful. Immy has curly hair, but it’s also much looser so she’s not someone I turn to for curl advice.

3. Shelbizleee (Shelbi)

I don’t watch her videos as much anymore, but her channel is great starting point for eco-friendly swaps! She used to be a “hyper-consumer” and now she’s an eco-minimalist, so she really understands what it’s like to come from a family/culture of overconsuming.

Curl Experts

For everything hair related, I turn to people with actual curly hair (3s and above only lol).

1. Will on a Whim

Will is hilarious (especially his video editing style), and he makes learning about hair care so fun. He tries out lots of different products and styling techniques, and I have a similar curl pattern as him, so it’s helpful to see what works for him! I love his vlogs and other videos too because he’s just so entertaining to watch.

2. Bianca Renee Today

Bianca Renee has beautiful curls and she also tries lot of different products. Unfortunately, a lot of these products are not low waste, so I’d be unlikely to use them myself and it can be hard to watch someone not consider the environmental impact. 

3. Naptural85 (Whitney)

I think Whitney has been slowing down on posting to her YouTube channel as her hair care brand, Melanin Haircare, grows. She has so many great tutorials on her channel though, she still the person I go to for how-to styling videos and some DIY recipes (like her African Black soap shampoo!)

Bonus Faves


  1. Climate Town – Super funny climate change educational videos.
  2. Courtreezy – Commentary comedy videos. I don’t have a TikTok myself, but I love watching other people make fun of TikTokers.
  3. Jarvis Johnson – Also commentary comedy videos, but with a nerdier twist.
  4. Kamiko – Hair tutorials, but I mostly watch because she’s funny 🙂
  5. Kurtis Conner – Yet another commentary comedian

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