DIY Egg Protein Hair Mask

DIY Egg Protein Hair Mask

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Egg treatments for your hair – is it a viable option for zero waste curlies or just another hoax Pinterest DIY? Today I’m using an egg as a DIY hair mask/deep conditioner to find out!


To do this egg mask, I used just two ingredients: one raw egg and some oil. I’m using Africa’s Best Ultimate Herbal Oil because I wanted to finish it up. Pinterest posts I looked at prior to doing this (like this one from Bella Fitness Blog) recommended olive oil and/or coconut oil, which I think would work just as well.

Hair mask ingredients: Raw egg and Africa's Best herbal oil


The most important step during this egg hair mask is not cooking the egg. You’ll want to slowly raise the temperature I do this by first getting the egg out of the fridge 20 minutes before I wash my hair. I also submerged the egg in some warm tap water while I shampooed my hair to continue getting it to room temperature.

I then added cracked the egg into a plastic bottle, added about 2 tbsp of oil, and shook them together. I brought this mixture into the shower with me while I conditioned my hair, which allowed it to continue to warm up. Just before using it, I added about ½ c of warm water, which also helps stretch the amount to cover my whole head. I let this sit on my hair for about 8 minutes, before rinsing thoroughly with cool water.

Egg hair mask applied to hair and hair twisted to let the treatment set in


While rinsing out the egg mask, my hair was left with a kind of slick, rubbery feeling, rather than the soft moisturized feeling I’m more accustomed to. I think this may have more to do with the oil than the egg. After rinsing, my hair had a more squeaky clean feeling, likely due to having to rinse it so thoroughly. (With a normal deep conditioner, I don’t usually bother rinsing it all out.) 

With my hair still damp, I applied shea butter to my hair and gave myself a trim. While I pieced through my hair, it was definitely super soft. It also seemed stronger and healthier, but maybe that’s just wishful thinking on my part. 😄 I don’t do a lot of protein treatments, but I’m very impressed with the results and I might try to work them into my routine more regularly. 

Full disclosure: I did cook the egg a little 😅 I found a few white strings of egg while trimming.



  • Protein treatments strengthen hair. As mentioned in the results, I’m very happy with how the treatment affected my hair! Shiny, soft, and healthy – can’t complain!
  • Zero waste. Eggs frequently come in cardboard cartons that can be recycled, composted, or repurposed, and the egg shells themselves are of course compostable! I can’t think of any other deep conditioning mask that comes in 100% compostable materials, so this is a Zero Waste win for sure.


  • Not vegan ☹️ It goes without saying that eggs are not vegan, so this mask is not suitable for vegans. Considering the environmental impact of a bottled synthetic hair mask versus an egg though, I’d say the egg mask is probably the more sustainable option, especially if you’re choosy about where you get your eggs.
  • A little messy in the shower. Since I added water to the mask, the consistency was pretty thin and pouring it onto my hair left some egg running down my body. Not ideal but not a deal breaker either. In the future, I’d use an applicator bottle or something with a pump top.

Will I be doing this again? Yes, likely about once per month or less frequently.

After washing and towel drying hair, hair is softer though not yet defined with a styling product
Healthy, protein-treated hair!


Worried about the smell of your DIY egg hair mask? Don’t be! The oil I used completely overpowered any egg aroma. The Africa’s Best oil happens to have a baby powder-like scent, but you could easily add some essential oils if you want to add scent to a more neutral smelling oil. I think raw eggs have a pretty neutral smell themselves, so as long as you don’t cook the egg, you should be safe 😄

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