The perfect blowout

So… I decided to do a blowout on my natural hair. I have not applied heat to my hair in 3 entire years. I would like to say it was perfect but it was far from perfect. I did not think that I would have to put much thought into doing the blowout but I should have. I was so upset that it did not come out the way I wanted it to come out. I am going to tell you right not I did not detangle and moisturize before I started drying my hair. Omg… did I have a tangled mess. I usually detangle in the shower but this time I did not. My hair was a disaster. i like to tell when things like this happens because I want to sugar coat everything and make you think that natural hair for me is always smooth sailing. Stay tuned to what I did to fix my hair. Check out my YouTube video at Naturally Naturals way.

The big chop and transitioning

So ladies and gentlemen let’s talk about the big chop when I big chopped this was a big change in my life. I was never the same after words in a positive way of course ha ha Ha ha ha so let’s get into it. To big chop it is to cut off all permed relaxed hair. Permed, relax same thing! Me personally I chopped off all of my hair off into a buzz cut but everyone do not have to take that route you can also transition this is where you gradually cut off permed ends. I did not want to transition because I did not like the two textures. The key to the big chop is CONFIDENCE!!! You have to own your natural hair. I will say start playing with different earrings and make up if you like. This will really bring your face out and make you feel really good about yourself even though you have short hair now.


Alright so… transition it might be for some but not for all. I would definitely recommend transition if you do not want to part ways with your hair quickly. So there are two ways to transition you can even transition long-term or or you can transition for a short amount of time just to get some length before you big chop. If you are wondering whether you should big chop or transition. I am here to tell you that natural hair is definitely for you you will love the versatility of natural hair you will love not having to put a burning ass perm your hair. With natural hair you can’t even add extensions you can do whatever you want the same as having a relaxer in your hair. When transition I would advise to do protective styles because you will have two textures of hair. Such as perm rods, twist outs, bantu knots, braid outs, box braids etc.

PLEASE exercise CAUTION when doing protective styles because I see this so often we get these protective styles and is so tight we pull out edges out and you don’t want to have natural hair and you’re constantly pulling out your edges is not cute!!!I mean we all have had this situation happen to us before but if we can prevent it we should you know as they say you know better you do better.

When I first big chop I was a literally had a buzz cut I wore a wig for one month and I got so tired of wearing a wig I just felt like you know I didn’t like the decision that that I made but as I started to watch more YouTube videos and read more blogs I was able to see that I was not the only one that big chopped and it’s perfectly normal to wear your real hair and you are still beautiful with your natural hair. In this society we are made to feel that we should not wear our rear hair out and it is not beautiful but let me tell you sisters your hair is beautiful you are beautiful and you can do any day and accomplish anything you just have to be yourself and love yourself to the fullest. Another tip that I have is to stay away from heat throughout my whole three years of being natural I have literally applied heat to my hair once. Understand that when you are transitioning there will be a demarcation line was a chemical hair verses the natural hair this is normal and there is nothing wrong about that but just be as gentle as possible with your hair.

Set goals ,take pictures ,document your journey because that is exactly what it is it is a journey. You will have ups and downs you will have good days and bad days.You will have the dreaded wash days hahaha but you just have to stick with it because it is more than just an external journey it is also an internal journey as well stay motivated whenever you lose motivation stop by on my blog or vlog ( naturally naturals way) on YouTube.

XOXO Yours Naturally

The Mis-education of black women in the natural hair community

Years of misinformation have crippled our efforts for us to grow and maintain healthy heads of hair. Some of us have never had our hair reach the middle of our backs let alone make a ponytail. unfortunately hair care Miseducation runs rampant in the black hair community. We have to stop making these companies rich off of our lack of understanding there is no product that will grow your hair rapidly overnight most of us fail to realize everyone hair grows unless you have a (sickness)by the way I will go in to that another day but the science to grow and long healthy hair lies within your hair routine there this is where I come in. I am here to educate you to a head full of beautiful natural curls and coils this blog is going to be for anyone looking to become a better person inside and out starting with the top of our crown ending with the tip of our toes we are going to do this the natural way. Welcome to Naturally Naturals Way.

XOXO Yours Naturally

5 tips on dealing with postpartum shedding

I am telling you this from experience. I suffered from postpartum shedding after I had my son march 2017. I had not experience this with my daughter so this was frighting to me. I felt like I was losing so much hair but in all reality it was not much just all my edges. I had to learn how to cope with the hair loss. I am going to give you all some tips on what I did to help my hair grown back healthier and fuller than before.


  1. NO tight protective styling- Everyone just wants to throw their hair in braids but if your hair is already fragile why would you want to put more tension on our hair.
  2. Twist outs are you BFF-low manipulation styles you be your go too.
  3. MOISTURE MOISTURE MOISTURE -It is okay to spray water on your hair. Your hair is like a plant it needs to be watered to grow.
  4. OILS especially extra virgin olive oil and Jamaican black castor oil.
  5. Last but not least DO NOT STRESS! It is just hair and it will grow back.

10 Top Tips on Natural Hair Care


OK NATURALISTAS LET TALK TRESSES. Today i gonna tell you everything you need to know about natural hair. I Know I Know this is gonna be a a long list. Nope… u got it wrong. I am gonna tell you in 10 TOP TIPS.This will save you after the big chop. Or even when transitioning. Ok so lets get right into it. FACTS FACTS FACTS ONLY  

  1. Detangle gently with conditioner- Use a conditioner with lots of slip so it will be easier to detangle.
  2. Trim split ends regularly- This will guarantee healthier hair and prevent breakage.
  3. Oil Pre-Poos- A “pre-poo” is usually an oil treatment applied to hair prior to shampooing or conditioning. Adding a prepoo treatment to hair helps to restore lost moisture.
  4. Air Dry- Minimize heat usage and opt for air drying. Also wring out your curls with a tee-shirt as opposed to a towel.
  5. Moisturize- Keep hair moisturized, dry hair = prone to breakage.
  6. LCO Method-L=liquid, O= oil, C=cream.Use this method to lock moisture into your hair.
  7. Clarify Regularly- Build up clogs your pores and causes tangling and dull hair.  You will want to use a clarifying shampoo or the apple cider vinegar wash to get rid of build up.
  8. Massage Your Scalp- Massaging your scalp regularly will increase your blood flow and promote healthy hair growth.
  9. Protein Treatments- Using protein treatments regularly will aid in making your hair stronger, after all your hair is made of protein! It’s also the key to healthy hair.
  10. Low Manipulation- Choose low manipulation hairstyles, or protective hairstyles. Constant tugging, combing and pulling can create breakage and shedding. The less you pick with your hair, the better the chances are for promoting strong healthier hair.


XOXO Naturally Natural

3 tips on properly moisturizing natural hair for NO breakage

Hello Naturalistas… I’ve been getting alot of questions about moisturizing natural hair to stop the breakage. First of all moisturizing your hair is a key component to retaining hair length. Second of all in order to have healthy natural hair you need to moisturize correctly. Today I am  going to give you the tips and tricks on hair moisture. The correct way….


  • Tip 1: Always I Mean  Always… Deep Condition. You Need to deep condition once a week to retain moisture. Deep conditioning opens up the hair follicles to allow moisture to go in.
  • Tip 2:  Nightly hair oiling it is important because at night your hair rubs around on the pillow allowing the pillow to soak up your moisture. You can use any oil of choice. I typically use Jamaican Black Castor Oil. It works wonders on the hair.
  • Tip 3: That takes me to my last tip SATIN BONNET OR SATIN PILLOW CASE. Sleeping with satin on your head allows you hair to retain its moisture. Cotton pillow cases  soaks up the moisture in your hair and makes your hair dry and brittle. You ever notice when you wake up with hairs on your pillow in the morning. Its because the pillow rubbed your hair dry to a breaking point.

I hope this helped.

XOXO NaturallyNatural