My name is Angela. I’m a Taurus, native Californian, and concerned environmentalist. By day, I work as a software documentation writer in the Silicon Valley. In my free time, I enjoy gardening, crocheting, and cooking. (I’m a grandma, I know.)

I started this blog because I noticed a lack of representation of people of color among environmentalist influencers, and a lack of environmental awareness among curly hair influencers. If you, like me, find yourself at the intersection of these, I hope this blog can be a resource for you! I also never want to waste your time, so I try to keep my posts concise and provide a TL;DR when I can.

I’m looking forward to reviewing zero waste hair products, mixing up DIY recipes, and providing other lifestyle tips for naturally natural curlies!

About me + my hair​:

Race: African American and white

Curl pattern: 3C

Porosity: ???

Biggest hair challenges: dandruff, shedding