5 tips on dealing with postpartum shedding

I am telling you this from experience. I suffered from postpartum shedding after I had my son march 2017. I had not experience this with my daughter so this was frighting to me. I felt like I was losing so much hair but in all reality it was not much just all my edges. I had to learn how to cope with the hair loss. I am going to give you all some tips on what I did to help my hair grown back healthier and fuller than before.


  1. NO tight protective styling- Everyone just wants to throw their hair in braids but if your hair is already fragile why would you want to put more tension on our hair.
  2. Twist outs are you BFF-low manipulation styles you be your go too.
  3. MOISTURE MOISTURE MOISTURE -It is okay to spray water on your hair. Your hair is like a plant it needs to be watered to grow.
  4. OILS especially extra virgin olive oil and Jamaican black castor oil.
  5. Last but not least DO NOT STRESS! It is just hair and it will grow back.